Scheduling Email for future delievering day

Email scheduling/Writing email today for future day----->
it is free,it is possible,it is easy
lettermelater website has been giving a great service for scheduling email..So write today using at any precise time and date in the future..


  • You can send future birthday and Seasonal wishes today
  • No need to log your different email accounts.You can handle your all email accounts in same lattermelater account.
  • LetterMeLater allows compose email messages now and have them delivered you can use it your various purpose.
*But you can't attach file using lettermelater.if they provide that feature too it will be a great opertunaty for people.

So keep in can schedule your email.if you want to schedule email log in to

Creating Huawei mobile Partner Connection profile

Creating a connection profile is a easy way.Im sure you don't want any guide to create a connection profile.If you know APN of the any network you can create connection profile..
If you are a beginner for the internet fallow these steps to create internet profile

(1)Start mobile partner and goto tool-->option
(2)chose "Profile Management" on the left and Then click the "New" on the upper right
(3)Now you may want some details regarding your network operator.
* AS "profile Name" enter your Network operator Name
* Under APN chose "Static"
* Enter your operator's accesspoint in the "APN" field
(If you don't know your APN,Download this.
*No need to change other field
*Now click save and Ok
*Now choose your new connection from "Profile name" drop down menu.

(4)Then click the connect button...
wow now you have logged to internet...

Activating huawei modem for voice

dear friends.....
i think that you already know to unlock huawei modem.How ever i don't explain today unlocking huawei modem..I think that no need to unlock huawei modem for active voice feature.If you want to unlock huawei modem i will explain it in next day....
2 modems(you may need internet connection when you are unlocking your huawei modem);paypal account with money or dc unlocker account;your computer

By activating huawei modem for voice we can use our modem instead of our mobile.we can call any phone using our GSM sim(not data sim).Actually calling to friends using my computer is a very interesting activity.if you want you can use voice changing software.

first of all download this software.dc-unlocker check that your modem supports for voice can identify it by voice feature need it has unlocked enabled like me.
so let consider how to enable it step by step.huawei E156, E160, E1550, E1552 model can active this voice feature.I had huawei E160 modem..
From Drop Box

(2) look at voice feature option.It shows enabled because this screen shot was taken after activating voice feature.Some one has it as "disabled","enabled" or "not supported in current firmware".if you have enabled it you don't have to do anything using dc unlocker.if voice feature option shows as "not supported in current firmware" you have to download and install firmware update i had to fallow this step too..Then check voice feature option will see it as "disabled"..

(3)if voice feature option shows ad "disabled" fallow this step.if you have dc-unlocker software enter username and passward in the dc unlocker interface.
if you haven't dc-unlocker account try using my account.
user name :hetti
passward : JHjDzZk9
plz don't change passward
Some time when you try my accoun't won't have you have to spend 4 euros.
(they have deducted 4 euros after activating voice features in my modem)So don't recharge your dc account more than 4 euros.
you may need another internet connection when you active voice feature in your log into dc unlocker account using another internet connection.Disconnect huawei modem you are going to active voice feature.
Then browse to “Unlocking” section of DC-Unlocker client and click “Activate Voice”. then it will unlock your voice calling feature...
(4) Then download mobile partner new version and install it..This will flash your huawei modem.always remember to update the firmware in a steady power sourced computer
Now you can call with new interface.......
From Drop Box

Loan for students

In the internet there are many website(company) for applying a loan to students high can find out lot of website by google search.They may be require some document for the loan.It is any way.Today i'm going to talking about sri lankan students and sri lankan banks which offer educational loans..

Most of srilankan students try to do CIMA,CIM,BIT,MBA....That is also sri lankan students can borrow money for this courses.
sampah bank give loan for students who going to follow MBA Programmes at the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) affiliated to the University of Sri – Jayewardenepura.

More information

HSBC bank give loan for students who going to follow CIMA and CIM programme.
more info

Application form for loan from NDB bank

Earn money


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